organic raw buckwheat honey

Tsar’s Raw Buckwheat Honey made from Siberian honey bees


Raw Buckwheat Honey scores high in terms of healthy honey.  Flavour and aroma are both distinctive and strong.

Packed with goodness raw Buckwheat honey is made from Siberian honey bees.  Honey bees forage on Buckwheat as the main source of nectar and pollen.  This honey has had minimal processing keeping all the goodness in the honey rather than being filtered out.

  • Set honey
  • Free of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and genetically modified organisms.
  • Strong and distinctive taste.
  • Colour can be between pumpkin to burnt orange.
  • Contains more amino acids, vitamins, micro elements, and anti oxidants.
  • Certified anti bacterial properties.
  • Excellent alternative to Manuka honey.
  • Packed in the UK by a certified organic honey packager.


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