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Slow down aging with healthy honey.  Combined with a healthy diet honey can improve general health and make you feel younger. 

Best results can be seen by replacing other sweeteners like normal sugar with honey.

Biological investigation provides ample documentation regarding how healthy honey promotes health. has decided to carefully select healthy honey on this page to save customers time.  A detailed article explaining how honey slows down aging and links to healthy honey reviews can be found here

Literally slowing down chemical processes thought to cause aging from within the cells that make up our bodies.  Honey contains plant pigments called flavonoids that slow down the oxidative process of aging.  Healthy honey is known to contain more of these antioxidant flavonoids. 

Healthy honey provide key health benefits. 

Antioxidant properties

Certain honeys contain many more antioxidants than other honeys depending on amounts, types of nectar and honeydew sources. Some honey producers provide a bioactivity rating indicating antioxidant content.


Healthy honey contain multiple antimicrobial compounds including phenolic acids and flavanoids.  Over 250 strains of bacteria, certain fungi like Candida Albicans, and viruses have shown to be killed or inactivated by antimicrobials found in honey.

Immunity boosting

Flavonids in honey help vitamin C absorbtion into cells known to be beneficial for the immune system. Healthy honey stimulates immune cells to produce chemicals called anti-inflammatory cytokines and tumour necrosis factor (known to destroy certain cancer cells): all boosting immunity.


Probiotic bacteria aid digestion and may discourage certain gastrointestinal disorders including colon cancer, diarrhea and irritable bowel.  Honey contains probiotic bacteria (good bacteria) which crowds out bad bacterial that can fester in the digestive system.  Summer honey has the highest levels of probiotic bacteria and needs to be consumed within 2 to 3 months of harvest.  Oligosaccharides (a type of sugar) also aid the growth of probiotic bacteria.

Bad bacteria in the throat are thought to be discouraged by the probiotic properties of honey. Combined with antimicrobial characteristics it is thought to help reduce upper respiratory infections caused by things like pneumococci and Haemophilus influenzae: by stopping them attaching to the muccous membranes lining the throat.

Yogurt or other similar diary products and healthy honey are a match made in heaven.



What types of honey are most healthy

Choices include any old honey, raw honey (not processed), or single floral source honey.  ScrummyHoney’s selection of honey is based on the key health benefits of certain honey describe earlier on this page and are mono floral honeys and tend to be not processed or have minimal processing.  Honey with no or minimal processing is called raw honey.  Honeys made from the nectar and pollen of certain plants have much better health characteristics than other honey.  Mono floral honey is the healthy choice and also gives more distinct aromas and taste.

Let’s run through some of the honey types presented here. Buckwheat honey is known to be very high in antimicrobials making it a worthy rival to Manuka honey at a fraction of the price, and is rich in antioxidants. Uses in folk medicine include treating high blood pressure, ‘rheumatism’, and streptococcal throat infections.  Buckwheat honey has been reviewed by ScrummyHoney linked earlier in the page.  Acacia tree honey is antioxidant rich and fructose rich (making it high on the glycaemic index and better for type 2 diabetics).  Used in fold medicine for headache, insomnia, heart, kidney and respiratory diseases.   Ulmo honey has been found to be powerfully antimicrobial and antioxidant rick.  Ulmo is a type of tree native to Chile and Argentina.

Tree honey have been selected due to the content of honeydew, which are known to contain more oligosaccharides. Apart from the benefits mentioned above oligosaccharides are also thought to help prevent flu, urine infection, high blood pressure, inflammation, high cholesterol, and poor immunity.  Thyme honey is powerfully antimicrobial and very antioxidant rich.  Used in folk medicine for digestive problems and wound infections. ScrummyHoney selected a thyme and fir tree honey for review, which is on this page.

Sunflower honey is also antioxidant rich and is used in folk medicine for catarrh, flu, asthma, colic malaria, and heart disease.

Suggestions for consuming honey the healthy way

Various health products contain honey as a key ingredient but in terms of buying healthy honey it should be eaten as part of a healthy diet, on its own, with food or to sweeten drinks.  Used generally to replace other forms of sugar is a good idea. Official sources of health advice suggest no more than 10% of energy should come from sugar including honey.

Honey is often used to sweeten drinks or eaten from the spoon as a nightcap.  Low GI honey (low on the glycaemic index) like tree honey that contains honeydew (sometimes labelled as honeydew honey) helps the liver regulate blood glucose during sleep much more effectively: helping reduce chronic metabolic stress.

A full list of the health benefits of this amber elixir

Popular in folk remedies and also recommended in healing systems such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, science has shown healthy honey can be;







Capillary (tiny blood vessel) strengthening







Selecting certain healthy honeys provide consumers with a tastey and enjoyable way of promoting healthy outcomes. 

ScrummyHoney has reviewed a selection of healthy honeys commenting on the floral source, aromas, flavour and experience of eating the tastey amber elixir. 

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