Honey to fight infections



Honey has been used to fight infection since ancient Egypt.  Investigations in the laboratory and by medical science show honey has a complex chemical make up depending on botanical source and has shown to have a antimicrobial affect on over 60 types of bacteria.  Helping reduce bad bacteria in the body by making the area where bacteria grows inhospitable.  Bad bacteria will live in the body without negative effects until other ailments from viral infection, reduced immune function or chronically inflammation create an opportunity to harm the body. Honey has been shown to reduce infections of the upper respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract.

ScruumyHoney has selected honeys that have antibacterial properties helping them fight infection.

The following characteristics give the best honey for fighting infection.

Single floral source honey that concentrates chemicals from plants that help fight infection from certain certain types of plant.

Raw honey that has not been processed or that has had minimal processing to remove larger objects from the honey (bee legs, bits of wax etc).  Importantly where honey has been extracted at low or lower temperature to protect the delicate nature of the beneficial chemicals contained in honey.   Cold extracttion of honey from the hive is often used to preserve the health benefits of honey.

Floral sources of honey known to be particularly good at fighting infection include honeydew honey from a variety of sources including chesnut trees, fir or pine trees, and oak trees.

Honeydew is a product of aphids after eating the sap from trees that glistens in the sun like dew. The manna referred to in the bible is thought to be honeydew.   Honeydew honey contains important complex sugars that are thought to provide some of the anti bacterial properties of this honey. Tree honey oftens contains honeydew among other floral sources and some honey is actually lablled honeydew honey. Summer and autumn honey are most likely to contain honeydew.

Other botanical sources of honey known to be good at fighting infection include buckwheat and thyme.  


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