Honey low on the glycaemic index


Honey is good choice of sweetener and can be used to replace other sugars to form a healthy diet. Diabetics will probably know about the glycaemic index (GI) that ranks foods from 1 to 100 or more, according to their blood – glucose – raising affects.

Honey has been shown to stabilise and aid the regulation of blood glucose.  Low GI honey can help prevent unhealthy rises (spikes) of glucose and insulin, which is particularly useful for type 2 diabetics managing the condition with diet.

Of course, honey contains sugar which can still cause spikes in blood glucose if eaten too often or in large quantities especially if other sources of sugar are not removed from the diet.  That said, it’s important that honey replaces other sources of sugar and is eaten in moderation.   Type two diabetics will also benefit from the other healthy characterics of honey helping reduce some of the illnesses associated with diabetes.

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