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Browse our selection of scrumptious honey from around the world including single and multiple floral source honey, single origin and multi origin honey, organic honey, and healthy honey. Enjoy!

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Healthy honey selection

Carefully selected honey.  Honey bees have foraged on mainly one single plant source.  Some varieties of plant produces food for honey bees that produce honey that is particularly healthy.

Put simply the main health benefit from our healthy honey selection including slowing the affects of aging due to antioxidants, reducing blood pressure, better regulation of blood glucose and cholesterol – helping reduce stress and artery disease.  Honey helps promote healthy digestion, reduces chronic inflammation, and can be used to help manage type two diabetes.

Studies show many people living long healthy lives regularly eat raw unfiltered honey (most likely combined with healthy diet). Find out how here.

Organic honey selection


Top rated organic honey on Amazon

organic honey

Start by browsing this selection of healthy organic honey

Single floral source honey

Single floral source honey or mono floral honey is made mainly by the nectar, pollen or honeydew of one type of plant.  Mono floral honey has distinctive aroma and flavour compared to multi floral source and or blended honey.   Popular single floral source honey includes, but, is not limited to…

  • Thyme honey, blossom honey like citrus or cherry trees, heather honey, hawthorn, buckwheat, chestnut tree honey, oak tree honey, pine tree honey, acacia tree honey, and eucalyptus honey.  Be surprised by the variety of flavour and aroma of single floral source honey. 
mono floral honey

Top rated on Amazon.  A top rating with lots of reviews. Check our single floral source honey selection.

Multiple floral source honey

what is wild flower honey

ScrummyHoney is tasting honey and making reviews, we write about flavour, aroma and experience.  Some of the honey reviewed by ScrummyHoney can be seen below. For all reviews visit this part of the ScrummyHoney shop.

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