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Organic Siberian buckwheat honey review

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Tsars Organic Raw Siberian Buckwheat honey is a single floral source set honey and is imported from the Russian Federation.

At a glance

Type of honey: Single nectar source runny honey.  Some filtering to leave a cloudy honey.

Location: Altai and Bashkirian regions of Russia

Verdict: Wow.  Great unique tasting honey.

Experience: 6 out of 5. Healthy honey.

Buckwheat honey is not only packed with flavour but antioxidants giving it excellent anti aging properties.  Enough antioxidants to rival Manuka honey for this particular characteristic, which is why organic buckwheat honey has been selected for this tasting group.

As expected from a mono floral honey: organic raw buckwheat honey has a distinctive taste. Buckwheat is known as a psuedo cereal because it's not wheat at all. The grain like seeds contain carbohydrates, which can be used for culinary purposes like making bread or whisky. Used as a cover crop because it crowds weeds, it doesn't like fertilizer and needs lots of polinators to increase yields. Perfect for foraging bees.

Tsars import the honey to the UK from the Altai and Bashkirian regions of Russia. Unpolluted and excellent for producing honey free of chemicals, pesticides, genetically modified crops, and antibiotics. Due to the trade agreements the word organic is not used on the label but each batch is tested in laboratories in the UK to ensure it is free from herbicides, pesticides and antibiotics.

Compared with other honey raw buckwheat honey has more amino acids, vitamins, and microelements including anitoxidants. Giving it excellent health benefits including slowing the effects of aging. Lets see what we experienced when we tasted this Buckwheat honey.

Burnt orange in colour, it has a consistency of soft fudge or caramel, and some batches can be darker. Compared to other honey in this tasting group buckwheat honey does not have a highly energetic aroma. Instead it greets you will a smell of a granary.  If you have ever been on a farm it's reminiscent of animal feed or grains. Personally it brought back memories of playing on my uncle's farm as a child due to the aroma.

No other honey tastes like organic raw buckwheat honey. With a grainy texture you are quickly greeted with a unique and distinctive flavour of caramel and grain that evolves into a flavour similar to molasses. The taste persists and doesn't fade quickly. Wow, it's a great tasting honey and like most quality single floral source honey the flavour is unique. 

Hard working Siberian honey bees have also packed this honey with strong anti bacterial properties as well.  Uses of buckwheat honey in folk medicine include reducing high blood pressure and helping with streptococcal throat infections. This only touches on the health benefits of organic raw buckwheat honey, when combined with a healthy diet.

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