After a trip to Cheddar Gorge the intrepid ScrummyHoney tasters picked up some honey made by Sedgemoor Honey Farm along with genuine cheddar cheese, on the high street in Cheddar village, Somerset, England. Sedgemoor Honey farm supply local shops in Somerset, National Trust properties, and local farmers markets.  For some people, cheddar cheese and honey is a worthy food combination.  Sedgemoor Honey farm can be counted as a proper local honey farm.

A combination of visiting an historical town like Cheddar, walking the Cheddar gorge and browsing local shops on the high street made our purchase of Sedgemoor Honey Farm honey a memorable experience laughing.

Sedgemoor Honey Farm honey review at a glance

Type of honey:  Multi nectar source runny honey

Location: Sedgemoor, Somerset.  Find honey near me.

Verdict: Strong aroma of honey rather than just smelling sweet like some standard honeys.  Flavour of this local honey overwelmed that of the standard honey we used as a comparision.

Experience: 5 out of 5 for experience.  Our family got a day out and were reacquainted with the village of Cheddar in Somerset, England. We bought local produce from high street shops. Eating Sedgemoor Honey makes us think of days out in Somerset.

Sedgemoor Honey Farm honey tasted was a runny honey and was apricot/peach in colour (see the honey review tasting guide from the home page for more information on colours).  Honey ran from the knife in a continuous stream and collected at the bottom forming layers of apricot coloured honey, which quickly smoothed out.  Indicating it is fresh honey.

Sedgemoor Honey Farm honey was compared to a standard honey available from the supermarket.  Using a comparison like this helps us explain how Sedgemoor Honey Farm honey was different and how it tasted. After opening the jar we where greeted by warming and complex aromas giving thoughts of how it smelt like real honey.  On the tongue the flavours had depth and where sweet and delicate.  Not too sweet.

From the honey tasters (7 and 4 years old).  They like runny honey and think that Sedgemoor Honey Farm honey is delicious.  Our tasters found words like sweet to describe the flavour of standard honey whereas local honey from Sedgemoor Honey Farm elicited excitment and praise like delicous and scrumptious.  Everyone agreed the standard honey smelled and tasted very sweet.

I gave Sedgemoor Honey Farm a call and they where kind enough to tell me about the honey we tasted.  As with most local honey it had been strained to remove debris from the honey after the comb had been spun.  No one wants the odd bee leg floating in the product! Straining leaves all the pollen and nutrients in the honey to give it a unique and scrummy flavour.

Sedgemoor Honey Farm runny honey is produced from a number of bee hives in Somerset and combined to produce runny honey.  A mixture of forage from fruit farms, hedge rows and fields of the Quantocks, Somerset and North Somerset combines to give this honey it’s unique flavour.

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