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Buzz about ScrummyHoney

Truth is ScrummyHoney.co.uk is a homage to honey. Honey and by-products of bee husbandry have been revered by people for thousands of years. Honey has stood the test of time and has it’s own special place in the hearts of many.

Inspiration for ScrummyHoney.co.uk was born out of a love for the taste of honey. What’s more children love honey. No alternative exists for the enjoyment of eating honey on toast for breakfast from the age of 5 onwards (we know this from experience).

After some deliberation for naming this website and debating names for some time, it was the initiative of a 6 year old boy, Alex, to think up a name which displays what epitomises honey. Scrumptious Honey. He’s right honey is scrummy. He and his brother want to taste more.

Memory’s of a family holiday including a trip to a honey farm remind us of the variety of taste from fresh and locally farmed honey. A realisation dawned that there is so much more to honey than what comes from a supermarket shelf.

Big commercial production of honey is very efficient and is a well oiled operation that brings honey to the masses, but, there is a problem.

The Problem

For people who want to break out of this shopping habbit and broaden their taste appreciation of honey it’s difficult to find local producers and turn the job of
buying honey into an experience. At a honey farm visitors could see bees, their habitats and learned about how the hive works. Not to mentioned the opportunity to enjoy
the finest honey for the rest of our stay on holiday. One regret was that we didn’t buy more honey.

The Solution


Readers may notice that ScrummyHoney is a new website, so,visitors can find out what’s going to be added as things develop below.

Everything you need to know about honey!

Honey tasting and reviews.

A chanllenge has been set. We’re going to taste as much honey as possible and write about it.

Find honey near me.

Local honey producers, farms and shops selling honey. There is nothing like getting honey direct for the producer supporting local communities and economy. Knowing
the provenance of honey from honey bee to the dining table is enlightening. Why? It’s more direct. The middle part of the process of honey bees making honey and it getting spread on toast in the morning involve a number of steps. From large scale production of honey being sorced from multiple locations internatiionally and blended to provide the final product, to smaller producers buying commercial
scale tubs of honey and selling to smaller health food stores. Little is known of where the bee population has collected pollen or if the honey has been blended or god forbit had glucose syrup added to pad it out.

Buying honey direct from a local honey farm provides transparency throughout the whole process and what’s more the taste is amazing.


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