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honey reviews

Honey reviews

Scrumptious honey should be tasted and enjoyed, especially local honey.  We are tasting honey from local farms and comparing them to other types like blended mass produced varieties.  Some honey farms produce honey only for resale.  Others have visitor centres and educational resources.  Scrummy Honey review will cover them all. 

types of honey

Types of honey

From nature to hive and from hive to home learn about types of honey.  Discover more types of honey with the Scrummy Honey guide to types of honey.  Get the latest blog posts about different types of honey. 

honey through time

Has honey always been scrumptious?

Ever since people (our ancient ancestors) switched from hunting and gathering to more organised methods of farming honey and honey bess have had an intimate relationship with human society.

organic honey

Organic honey guide

As nature intended organic honey has less or no chemicals (pesticides or herbicides). Learn about organic honey farms and discover why buying organic honey can define you as a consumer.

local honey famrs

Local honey farms

Learn about local honey farms get to know the provenance of honey.  Different types of honey come from different types of farm.  Know your farm know your honey.  

Local honey near me

Find local honey farms

Find local honey.  Search by post code, region or type of local honey farm.